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Rent-to-own was introduced into the portable building industry as an alternative to mini-warehousing. It allows customers to have their own storage unit right in their own backyard. Mini-warehouses have two disadvantages that portable storage buildings do not have; one, they are usually inconvenient, and two, they never belong to you. With our rent-to-own program, a customer can own a storage building in a maximum of three years.

Credit Requirements: No credit check is required. Because this is a rent-to-own agreement, the customer may turn his building in at any time without getting a negative credit report. A customer may pay their building off at any time without penalty.

Down payments: The monthly payment listed in the right hand column of the product gallery is the minimum monthly payment before tax. This amount is based on the minimum required down payment. The minimum down payment is one month's rent plus tax plus a $100 security deposit for 8 and 10 ft. wide buildings and $200 for 12 ft. wide buildings  Large buildings 14' wide require $1000.00 down payment and 16" wide buildings require $1500.00 down.

A customer may pay more than the minimum down payment and reduce their payment or keep their payment the same and have the payment applied to principal. If a customer pays $500 or more down on a building, their security deposit will be waived and the monthly payment will be reduced.

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