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 Construction Techniques
  1. Skids: Our buildings are built on ground contact rated treated 4 x 6 skids. These skids are notched 1/2” everywhere a floor joist crosses it.
  2. Floor Joists: Our buildings are built on pressure treated 2 x 4 floor joists on 8' bldgs. 2x6 on 10' and 12' bldgs. spaced on 16” centers that are toe-nailed into 1/2” notches in each 4 x 6 skid. This building technique provides cross bracing for the floor joists. Garage buildings are built with 2 x 4 floor joists spaced on 12” centers
  3. Floor Decking: We use 5/8” pressure treated plywood floor decking. This thickness provides ample support for just about anything a customer might want to place in his shed. We have many customers who have cars or motorcycles stored in their sheds.
  4. Walls: We use 5/8” 40 yr. pressure treated T-111 siding for our exterior sheathing on treated bldgs. and 1/2" LP 30 yr. siding on our painted bldgs. Our walls are constructed with 2x4’s spaced 24” on center with every other stud doubled. This gives you as many studs as a typical wall with 16” stud spacing but gives us a more stable wall for transportation.
  5. Doors: All of our buildings come with shop-built 2 x 4 reinforced doors with three steel T-hinges per door. Eight foot width buildings come with a single 4’ door (46” actual clearance); this is wide enough for most 42” cut lawn tractors. Ten and twelve foot width buildings come standard with a 6’ wide pair of doors (70” actual clearance). The exceptions to this rule are the Portable Cabin and Portable Garage. These buildings come standard with a factory made metal clad residential door without glass. The Portable Garage also comes with an overhead metal track door that measures 9’ wide by 6’6” high.
  6. Windows: Buildings that are shown on our brochure with windows all include at least one 2 x 3 window. Buildings that do not show windows can be special ordered with windows. See windows under the Options section for more details.
  7. Roofing: We use at least 30 yr. rated asphalt/fiberglass roofing shingles. We also offer 30yr 29 Gauge Metal roofing in a varity of colors ask you dealer for more info.
  8. Roof Decking: We use 7/16” o.s.b. or plywood for roof decking.
  9. Trusses: We make our own trusses of 2 x 4 construction with truss plates. (engineered stamped)
  10. Vents: Our buildings are all gable vented to reduce heat and prolong the life of the roof shingles. This also lessens the chance of mold or mildew problems.
  11. Trim: All exterior trim is made from pressure treated 1 x 4’s on treated bldgs. and Smart Wood trim on painted bldgs.
  12. Fasteners: All exterior fasteners are zinc coated ring shank nails which resist rusting and provide exceptional holding strength.
  13. Drip Edge: All buildings come standard with aluminum drip edge to keep the shingles from sagging and to give the building a neat finished appearance.
  1. Roof Colors: Standard roof colors may differ depending on which factory your building comes from. All factories have shingles in the following colors; Black, Dark Brown, Weathered Wood, Light Brown and Evergreen. Metal comes in a variety of colors check with you local dealer.
  2. Windows: Buildings that are shown on the brochure with windows include at least one window at the price shown. Garden sheds and Garages include 1-2x3 window. Cottage sheds that are 10x12 or smaller include 1-3x3 window, cottage sheds that are 10x14 or larger include 2-3x3 windows. Portable cabins include 3-2x3 windows (one in front, one on each side, none in back). Additional windows can be included at a cost of $60 for a 2x3, $75 for a 3x3. Buildings that come with a 2x3 window can upsize to a 3x3 for $15 per window. All buildings can be ordered with windows, and they may be placed just about anywhere the customer requests. Some basic rules of thumb for window placement are as follows:
    1. Windows should be at least 2’ from each corner for structural stability, 
    2. Windows look best when centered, 
    3. Two or more windows can be fitted together just as the cottage shed is done, but, they will have at least one 2x4 between them, 
    4. Larger buildings look better with larger windows, 
    5. Windows cannot be placed in the doors except for the metal clad residential doors, and 
    6. Windows can only be placed in the upper half of the back wall on standard barns.
  3. Doors: All buildings come with 2x4 reinforced doors except for the portable garage and cabin. Eight (8) foot width buildings come with a single door with a clearance of 46”, ten (10) and twelve (12) foot width buildings come standard with 70” double doors. Eight foot width buildings can be ordered with double doors at an additional cost of $50, except for 8’ width standard barns. Any size building can be ordered with additional single doors at a cost of $50, additional double doors cost $100. Portable Garages come standard with one overhead track door and one metal clad residential door. Portable Cabins come standard with a metal clad residential door. Metal clad residential doors are 36” x 80” and come standard without glass. Overhead track doors are 9’ wide by 6’6” high and are of metal construction. Residential doors may be ordered on any style building that has a wall height of 8’. These doors cost $200 for doors without glass or $250 for a door with glass. Overhead track doors can be ordered on any style building that has an uninterrupted wall 8’ high and 12’ wide. The cost for a 6' overhead roll-up door is $425 and 9' roll-up door is $500. We understand that these prices are more than one would pay at a builder’s store, but our prices include the installation and trim. Customers may order buildings with rough openings and install their own doors at no extra cost as long as the building is purchased and not rented. 
  4. Skids: All buildings are built on ground contact rated treated 4x6 skids. Twelve foot width buildings come standard with four (4) skids. Eight (8) and ten (10) foot width buildings come standard with two (2) skids. Ten (10) foot width buildings can be ordered with four (4) skids at an extra cost of $2.50 per linear foot per skid. At this rate, the cost to add two additional skids to a 10 x 16 building would be: 32’ (total length of the 2 additional skids) x $2.50 = $80.00 + tax.

          ALL Buildings now come standard with a Steel Diamond Plate threshold.  This will prevent excess wear and tear to the floor from loading and unloading your shed.

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